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Volatility in Japanese Yen

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Sub:- Volatility in Japanese Yen in last few weeks.

Well as all traders understand that Markets are getting highly volatile from the start of Year 2016 where by all Direct Pairs as well as Indirect Pairs are facing highest volatility. In that regards Japanese Yen which is amongst Indirect Pairs is facing biggest volatility in last few weeks.

Sitting today Japanese Yen is trading at 116 levels which effectively $ is equal to 116JPY. Last week the same Japanese Yen traded at 121 levels. The following are the important factors that contributed to the volatility in the valuation of Japanese Yen :-

1. An estimated amount of 17.3 Trillion sold through Foreign Securities Investments during Year 2015 which is a very big amount.

2. During Year 2015 Japanese Investors absorbed pressure which means that Japanese Investors now hold huge JPY short positioning's of estimated amount of 50 Trillion Yen

3. During Year 2015 Japan recorded Curr…

Singapore Dollar (SGD) as a Carry Trade Currency

Singapore Dollar (SGD) as a Carry Trade Currency

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Well today we are going on Forecast of Singapore Dollar. Well Singapore is still facing low side GDP Growth however at the same time we should not forget that Singapore is acting as GFC (Global Financial Centre ) and RTC ( Regional Treasury Centre ) for the world. Services is growing in Singapore and the same would continue to happen as Singapore is acting as both GFC and RTC.

While on the other side we need to appreciate the fact that manufacturing is very less in Singapore and going down... well credit for the same would surely go to downfall in Chinese Markets however Singapore is always known to follow unique model henceforth we expect Singapore to comeback soon.

As regards valuation of Singapore Dollar is concerned then it s trading at 1.4965/1.4075 which effect effectively means as an exporter you would get 1.4065 SGD when you would be sellin…

Pull-out of Magazine "The Maverick Treasurer"

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Sub:- Launch of "The Maverick Treasurer "Pull-out

Happy to share that with the success of our Magazine " The Maverick Treasurer "we are launching a Pull-out of the Magazine " Valuation of Implied Volatilities in Indian Rupee and Rolling Forwards for Exporters & Importers "

Well the Pull-Out would be covering Implied Volatilities in Indian Rupee , valuations of Rolling 12 months Forwards Contracts , Valuations of Options Contracts ( Buy Put , Buy Call ) and suggesting whether both Exporter or Importer should go with Rolling Forwards or Options Contracts.

Pull-out would be launch separately along with the magazine Plus would be available on LinkedIn , You Tube , Daily Motion and respective platforms.



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Treasury Magazine ~ " The Maverick Treasurer "

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Sub: Launch of Treasury Magazine " The Maverick Treasurer "

Well happy to share that our Brand " Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers " launched our own Treasury Magazine " The Maverick Treasurer " which covering Treasury & Foreign Exchange Risk Management , Derivatives & Currency Trading, Interest Rates Derivatives , Interest Rates Swaps, Fixed Income Markets ( Debt Markets , Money Markets , Capital Markets ) , Valuations of Derivatives Instruments , Mark to Market Valuations , Hedge Accounting , Accounting Standards ( IFRS , US GaaP , IND-AS , Indian GaaP ), Trading Tips and Proprietary Trading Desk.

Well during the current edition of Jan'16 Treasury Magazine is covering Valuations of 6 International Currencies like AUD, NZD , CAD , GBP , EUR , INR and JPY. Well at the same time Magazine is also having a section " Financial Derivatives & Analytics…