Volatility in Japanese Yen

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Sub:- Volatility in Japanese Yen in last few weeks.

Well as all traders understand that Markets are getting highly volatile from the start of Year 2016 where by all Direct Pairs as well as Indirect Pairs are facing highest volatility. In that regards Japanese Yen which is amongst Indirect Pairs is facing biggest volatility in last few weeks.

Sitting today Japanese Yen is trading at 116 levels which effectively $ is equal to 116JPY. Last week the same Japanese Yen traded at 121 levels. The following are the important factors that contributed to the volatility in the valuation of Japanese Yen :-

1. An estimated amount of 17.3 Trillion sold through Foreign Securities Investments during Year 2015 which is a very big amount.

2. During Year 2015 Japanese Investors absorbed pressure which means that Japanese Investors now hold huge JPY short positioning's of estimated amount of 50 Trillion Yen

3. During Year 2015 Japan recorded Current Account Surplus of 16 Trillion Yen , Trade Balance of -.6 Trillion Yen which is a significant achievement for Japan.

In nutshell during Year 2016 Japanese Yen along with all others Indirect pairs would be extremely volatile and in that regards all Traders need to be highly alert while placing their trades. Traders are advised to use Options Strategies while placing their Trades. All Traders are advised to trade using Buy Put , Buy Call , Range Forwards , Seagull Contracts , Call Spread , Put Spread and last but not the least Digital and Knock Out Options.

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