Rahul Magan Google Group ~ "Foreign Exchange Maverick Traders "

Dear Members ,

Hope you are doing great and enjoying !!

Well would like to appraise you about my Google Group - "Foreign Exchange Maverick Traders "

Well the Group is based on the thoughts of having excellent knowledge to all of the members having sharing books and other Research reports which are easily accessible in public domain. Well the Group is attached with a Public library having more than 200 books covering all sorts of topics.

Currently the Group is having more than 200 members across the Globe.

You are most welcome to join the Group.

Simply open Google Groups and type " Foreign Exchange Maverick Traders " and join the Group. Then you would automatically be the member of the Group and able to access all the books. Well Pls be note that Google Group " Foreign Exchange Maverick Traders " is natural extension of our brand " Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers " covering LinkedIn till Twitter.

Good Luck Readers,


Founder of the Brand , " Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers "

91-9899242978 , Skype Connect ~ Rahul5327 , Twitter @ Rahulmagan8


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